Sunday Creations at Ally’s Castle

I mentioned in my previous post re: My October Challenge’ that Day 7 was Being Creative.

Today is Day 7 but it’ really is October 6th , I started my challenge on Monday September 30th lol .šŸ˜‚

My creations have all been edible šŸŒ

For lunch I made Ginger and Chicken Udon Noodle Soup. I forgot to buy the noodles so I compromised and used gluten free pasta. All good tasted great and there is enough for three more serves.

Keeping in mind anything is ok in moderation. I am not usually a sweet tooth but I was today. I experimented cooking a no flour chocolate peanut butter self saucing cake in a cup in the microwave. I saw the recipe somewhere.

Ready to cook

All cooked and tipped into a bowl. It was delicious, saved half for tomorrow.

For dinner tonight I created a dish with the encasement made of egg, coconut cream, drizzle of water, flour, sprinkle of baking powder and grated tasty cheese. I put half of the thick batter mixture in the dish and then added spinach, mushroom, tomato, then topped it with the rest of the batter and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

Baked 180 degree for 30 minutes.

I was pleasantly surprised and happy with the result.

Tasted pretty good with enough left for lunch or dinner tomorrow.

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