South Bank Brisbane

In my previous post about Buddha’s Birth Day Celebrations I was at South Bank.

Before we get to South Bank I will share some photos that I took in the city.

Local Aboriginal Busker’s. The man is playing a Didgeridoo which is predominantly an Aboriginal instrument which is usually made from Bamboo. I have been told that only men are allowed to play the Didgeridoo.

A photo of one of four entrances into the Queen Street Mall ( no cars allowed) and then two photos taken while I was waiting for a bus.

Finally arrived at South Bank.  A colourful display of BRISBANE reminds you where you are .

IMG_20190504_120433 (2)


South Bank is a beautiful relaxing venue free for anyone to use. It is part of the beautiful city of Brisbane and is just across the river.  To get there you can walk across the bridge, drive your car, catch public transport such as bus, train or citycat.  There numerous spots to sit and relax, eat a cafe, have a picnic, cook your food on the free BBQ’s.

There is a man-made beach to enjoy.

IMG_20190504_133520 (2)

If you don’t fancy the beach you can swim in the pool IMG_20190504_133835 (2)

Most weekends to can go to the Collective Markets where you can find items such as essential oils, soaps, candles, locally made clothes, shoes, leather goods, homemade sweets, jams and pickles, arts and crafts.   You might be tempted to buy a chilled drink of homemade lemonade, or have corn on the cob or a crispy potato swirl.  You might even  like a cold beer at the pub which yesterday had a German Band there, real catchy music.  You can also enjoy a lovely walk under the arches that usually have a canopy of lovely pink flowers which I guess are seasonal.

You could take a trip on the citycat to get back over to the city shops or you might decide to go cruising down the river on the steamer and have lunch or dinner.

You might even like to go on a River Cruise. From my past experience please don’t go on a rough day.

I paused briefly and watched a Dragon Boat Race, they were too fast for me to get a good photo with my cell phone.

IMG_20190504_123052 (2)

If all that is too exhausting how about a boardwalk where you can enjoy the greenery and water features.

Time to sit, relax and reflect while meandering along the boardwalk


You can walk, scoot, ride your bicycle along the waterfront or just sit and watch the world by. The city looks so grand across the river and there are many bridges

The rain came down just as I was thinking of heading home.  Its Autumn here in Brisbane, still quite warm.  It took me almost 90 minutes to get home by bus, train and car. On arriving home I was pleasantly exhausted and slept like a log.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few photos of Brisbane.

54 thoughts on “South Bank Brisbane

  1. Lovely.

    I can see me relaxing there on the boardwalk. I felt relaxed as soon as I came to those photos, so I know I would be if I was there.

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  2. I love Southbank and had many Saturday morning walks with a friend along the boardwalk finishing up with a coffee and chat. A big change from the dirty old industrial buildings pre-Expo ’88. 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  3. These amazing photos remind me of my trip to Australia a couple months ago! It is so fresh and full of life; I did not make it to Brisbane but I went on a wonderful walk in a park quite similar to the boardwalk in the photos.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Jaya for reading my blog and for commenting on the photos. I am pleased to know that you enjoyed your visit to Australia. What state did you visit? I came to Australia to live 30 years ago, there is still so much for me to see and learn about this wonderful country. Cheers Ally

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      1. We actually went there again today. They’re setting up for the Regional Food Festival / Markets this weekend. A lot of it was closed off. I had to convince my toddler the water was ice cold. Next time I’ll bring swimmers & a towel for my toddler. Even if it’s freezing he will jump in. At least the sun is nice so he can warm up a bit 😂.

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  4. I loved your tour. I would really like the boardwalk. We have some of those kind of areas in the city where I live–London Ontario Canada. We have a population nearing 400,000 and have a lot of park and conservation areas throughout the city. I love it. And I love your photos. I love to take pictures too. Wish I could visit Australia, but I doubt it will ever be possible unless someone leaves me a bundle of money, and I don’t know anyone with a bundle to leave. 🙂

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    1. I am pleased you enjoyed the tour and the photos of South Bank Brisbane. Like you unless I get given a bundle of money I won’t be travelling far from home. When the weather is warmer I will get out and about and take more photos to share. There is a Japanese Garden here in Brisbane that I plan to visit soon. Have a great day. Cheers from Ally 🙂


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