Buddha Birth Day Festival 2019

I am not a buddhist.  I am keenly interested in the spiritual concept. In Brisbane they are they are celebrating the Birth Day of Buddha.   Yesterday I visited the venue at South Bank Piazza & Cultural Forecourt.  I have attended numerous cultural festivals in Brisbane and I have to say this was by far the best.

IMG_20190504_112249 (2)

Program highlights:

Bathing Buddha Ritual

Baby Blessing Ceremony

Vegetarian Food Fair

Children’s Cultural Area

Multicultural Parade

Chinese Lion Dancing

Celebrity Chef’s Cooking Display

Buddhist Talks, Meditation Classes

Regardless of the rain predicted which did happen I spent time meandering and looking at all the different stalls . I even sat down and did some Chinese Calligraphy and learnt  a little about the language.

The main benefit and message that I gained and took home with me was:

Every Day Mindfulness

  • Focus on breath
  • Be mindful of feelings
  • Generate kind thoughts
  • Act with generosity 
  • Cultivate compassion. 

Thank you for reading this post.

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