Walking For Life – Update

Early this morning before the heat of the day I started my new walking program.  I have had a right hip replacement,  have got arthritis in my left hip and also have a severe Scoliosis of my lower spine.  Walking has been recommended and also hydrotherapy.  I don’t  have a sea view but did find a good walking path that is open and safe.



On Day 1  managed a 25 minute walk.  The early bird catches the worm.


The safe walking path is a 200 metre walk from where I live, nice and handy. I didn’t drive there, the car belongs to a resident that lives by the park.


The walking track in the shape of an oval


I spotted a rest area, I wasn’t tempted to take a break.


Behind the trees in the distance there are other walking tracks that I could use. I did notice a few people cycling and two or three other walkers.


Writing is a my main passion.  My interests are not limited to writing as I do also enjoy arts and craft.  While out and about I am always observing interesting things that I could paint.  As far as painting goes I am a novice and really want to learn more.  I might even explore the idea of joining an art class.

Happy Days ahead for a fantastic 2019.

Update 17/02/2019

Here in Brisbane the heat of the day even early morning became too much for me so I stopped going on my daily walks.  I solved the problem – I bought myself a Treadmill.  I have got it set up in my small living area right by the Air Conditioner….. best decision I have made in a while.




19 thoughts on “Walking For Life – Update

      1. I agree with you. Exercise also has to be something that you enjoy and makes you happy. I really do need to motivate myself. Today was Day 2 and I really had to tell myself get up and get moving,, I am so glad I did 🙂

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  1. Good for you.Walking is a great exercise. I have had both my hips replace the right one about 16 years ago and the left 6 years ago. I think it helps to stay active but not put undue stress on the hips. Best wishes to you!

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