My Spiritual Friend Forever Geoff  has some lost of hearing and needs to use hearing aids.  Geoff admits that he doesn’t always wear his hearing aids and sometimes misplace’s them.  Geoff  suggested that I share the following ‘misheard’ statements with you.

Geoff wrote…….  Misheards which have occurred to me ( with poor hearing) when not using hearing aids.

Tinned beans ( tight jeans) are bad for your health.

In spite of the drug scandal, he went for a private run with his son Abnormal ( as normal).

The Footy Show’s new woman is a new breeder. ( news reader)

At 3am a Garlic (garbage) truck driver found a body.

She was an orphan ( author) and a poet.

He had a really bad toothpaste. ( toupee)

This one is a bit rude !   Iraq will have its first national erection ( election)  Would be something to see !

The coach described the ballet ( melee) with the other team as an unfortunate occurrence.

A failed ( sail ) training ship.

A father who wanted to help his Taliban ( colour blind ) son.

8 thoughts on “Misheard

  1. Yes, as someone who has hearing loss myself, (I’m profoundly deaf) that it’s so easy to a mis-hear.
    Even wearing hearing aids, although it helps to wear them, you can still mis-hear. Hearing aids assist, but don’t give back your hearing you once had.
    When you mis-hear, as these examples can show, it can be funny what we don’t hear clearly. It’s frustrating too. But being able to laugh at ones own hearing mistakes, does help. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Liz for reading my blog and giving your comments. Geoff thinks the same as you being able to laugh does help. I recently stayed with Geoff for a few days, he didnt have any hearing aids to use. I soon learnt not to try and speak to him unless we were in the same room. Sitting at the table was the best solution. Geoff now has a new set of hearing aids. Happy Days 🙂

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      1. I wouldn’t be without my hearing aids. Yes, always chat in the same room. Mum used to make a habit of speaking in the opposite room, but thankfully doesn’t now. Well if she does, I don’t hear, which means she will come to me, or wait until I’m with her.
        Only time I leave my hearing aids out for a bit, is when I am on my own and wanting a little quiet time. 🙂

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  2. My Mum was given hearing aids to wear and never did use them. I can remember she told me if there are just 2-3 people chatting she could cope but no good in a noisy crowded place. I recently had my hearing check – all good.

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  3. Dear Ally’s Spiritual Friend Forever Geoff … it’s not going to get better until we train up all our well-heared friends and family. 😀 … face me, don’t wave hour hands in front of your mouth, don’t talk from another room … even before my hearing loss reached a stage where I needed what are now euphemistically called ‘hearables’, most people sounded as though they were squirrels on speed trying to talk through a mouth-full of walnuts! 😀

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