The Podiatrist told me to do it…..

Because of a severe scoliosis of my spine,  a hip replacement and one leg slightly shorter than the other I have to visit a Podiatrist  several times a year.  Today was my last visit for 2018.  My summer sandals that I have had for three years have worn out.  My runners/sneakers  that I bought about 10 years ago have also worn out.

The display of shoes at the Podiatrist looked interesting until I saw the price of them…..OUCH.

I left the Podiatrist and started to have a look at the shops to try to find something that was recommended and suitable for orthotics. This was history repeating itself because I had already looked a couple of weeks ago and found nothing I could afford.

I arrived back home with nothing except a couple of Christmas Gifts for family.

I don’t like to let life stress me out and often deal with it by adding some humour.

I went online and found a good pair of sandals that can accommodate orthotics, including postage $98AU.   I have bought clothes through the same  company on previous occasions  so I know they have a good return system.


17 thoughts on “The Podiatrist told me to do it…..

    1. Your story sounds like me. I recently went to stay with a friend for one week and only took one pair of flat shoes with me. Everywhere I went I was wearing the same shoes. As long as we are happy and content in ourselves thats what matter most. Wearing the correct shoes does help to alleviate some back pain. xx


      1. I think I might have had a pair of high heels 50 years ago. I could never wear them now as they would kill me. I have given charity all the shoes that I can no longer wear. Cheers


  1. I have 1 pair of walking shoes with a toe orthotic, 2 pairs of comfortable sandles, (1 pair are a few years old but still have plenty of support. The other pair are newer since I bought them for a wedding and now wear this pair to church.) I also have one pair of old slip-ons I wear to the clothes line. That’s it. Yes, correct shoes can be more expensive but we really don’t need more than a couple of pairs for good support and comfort.

    Actually, my husband has 9 pairs of shoes…

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  2. That, my Dear Ally, is Why I don’t go to Podi… what are they again? In India we don’t come across these creatures. Anyway, I don’t go to them, or to any doctor, except to those who I know charge just a couple of dollars or so. 🙂

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    1. Hello Swami a podiatrist is a person that is professionally trained to care for people’s feet and to make sure they are wearing the correct shoes. Are feet are very important to us. If we have the wrong shoes it can cause other problems with our health. I get 5 free visits a year. I don’t pay to see my doctor either it is all bulkbilled . Take care and be well my friend. Merry Christmas 🙂

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      1. Oh, I could make out Very well the meaning of a podiatrist, right from Your writing, my Dear Ally! I had been adding material, so to say! 🙂 All the Very Best to You and Yours too, and a Blessed Christmas. 🙂

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