My Holiday…Part 2

After a day of travelling I finally met up with Geoff.   Before taking me home to his place Geoff and I enjoyed a meal at a local cafe.

I am truly grateful to Geoff for his hospitality which enabled me to have a wonderful holiday and reconnect with Geoff.

Geoff lives in a house that he built for himself, he has land and sheds that keep him busy.  Geoff's house

The balcony

Peaceful view from the verandah

It’s a little country house with lots of beauty provided by the lovely plants, bushes and trees.  Sitting out the verandah was a delightful relaxing experience. Surrounded by the green environment and the sound of birds chirping .

Geoff  enjoys building things whether it be a table and chairs, a shed, a puzzle, a child’s cubby house, play ground equipment etc.  I remember back in the 1980’s Geoff built a massive shed on the hobby farm we had. In the shed he had a lathe that he used to make bowls, rolling pins etc.  He also had a small business making fibre glass dinghies.

Geoff created a monster man from bits and pieces . The monster man stands proudly on the verandah.

Over the back fence of Geoff’s place and neighbouring houses there is a privately owned Pine Plantation.   The plantation is harvested and replanted every 30 years.  unfortunately it is a potential major fire hazard.

There is a nice walking track behind the houses. Geoff and the local council keep the grass close to the fence line manageable.

Geoff enjoying his piece of paradise.

Geoff in his paradise

Being away from city life and back in the country side was wonderful.

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