Preparing for Vacation.


I am heading off next Tuesday for a 7 day vocation / holiday.  I plan to take a flight from Brisbane to Melbourne and then continue the journey on a shuttle bus to Creswick in Victoria (never been there).  I am going on a budget which means carry on luggage only. I have to take a small suitcase and pack lightly. ( The luggage gets weighed) .  It’s a bit cooler in Victoria than here in Queensland but I will survive.  I have created a list which I will gladly share with you for a bit of fun.

Book – it’s a secondhand book I recently bought, it’s too intense and heavy (content I mean). My friend  who I will be staying with will be receiving the book as a gift.

Sun Hat –  I burn real easy , even if the weather is cooler it will keep my head warm plus cover up my natural silver highlights that are now appearing because I have decided to embrace the inevitable and never put another dye in my hair ( We’ll see how long that lasts).

Nail Clippers ( oops they are considered a lethal weapon so I can’t take them) , an emery board will have to do. Surely Geoff has got some clippers at his place. My father used to get me to clip his nails with garden snips.

Phone Charger – technology – to be honest I would like to leave the cell / mobile at home.  I can’t do that because family and friends would worry sick about me if we didn’t have contact… its not all about me.

Chap Stick / Lip Balm – lets face it the sun might get at me, or even the wind.  There might even be some romance ..enough said….and anyway that isn’t planned.

Toiletries – I had better take some with me. Just no spray cans that might explode on the flight. I have got little bottles of everything I need from when I stayed in a hotel last June when I when crafting in Brisbane with my daughter.  Yes I won’t forget the tooth-brush and paste.

Medications – Thyroxine from the fridge, it is something I will be serious about because I don’t have a Thyroid Gland anymore, it is a must.   I won’t forget to include Panadol, blood pressure regulator, etc.  Nearly forgot the occasional calming tablet for restless leg syndrome….I really don’t want sleepless nights.

Jeans, tops, underwear, pj’s, socks, warm jacket.  Only taking the shoes I will be wearing.

I won’t need clothes for going to a ball because I haven’t  been invited to one, nor has Geoff that I will be staying with .  If miracles happen I will go to the Op Shop for a bargain.

This time away is designed for relaxation, destressing, and bonding.

I will take lots of photos and  tell you all about the holiday when I get back.

Be well and happy everyone xo




8 thoughts on “Preparing for Vacation.

  1. I had to laugh at the When Women Pack cartoon since that’s exactly what I do. I keep a list of what I need to pack on my computer. I usually add to it, but I got to delete all the CPAP equipment when I no longer needed it. Hooray!
    I hope you have a safe trip and a great time.

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