Revisiting The Power of Intention:

When learning about The Power of Intention you need to focus on the Seven Faces of Intention:

Creativity  Kindness  Love   Beauty  Expansion  Unlimited Abundance  Receptivity.

I decided to make affirmation prompt cards for myself and a friend .  My friend is agnostic so one of his cards is ‘Cosmic Force’. It is a personal choice so you may use God, Higher Power, Buddah or whatever you believe will be helpful to you.

I haven’t even reached  Part 11 in the book and already I am starting to reap the benefits by putting into practice what I am learning.  For example ; Two weeks ago  I was extremely short on money – instead of me saying ‘poor me I will suffer’  I repeatedly said to myself ‘I am happy with the abundant supply that I have’….I got through until the next pension and never went without.   Another example: Over the past few years I have experienced several health issues and to be honest was getting down in the dumps because there seemed to be no answer. A few days ago I needed to see a specialist. Days prior to the appointment and also on the day  I used the affirmation ‘The visit to the specialist will be successful’.  I am pleased to say it was successful.

I am keenly interested in learning more from this wonderful self-help  book.


4 thoughts on “Revisiting The Power of Intention:

    1. Your’e welcome Lydia. I am finding them beneficial as I have a lot of past issues to deal with. They help to keep you thinking on a positive level, banishing doubt and negative thoughts. Wishing you a happy day. Cheers Ally ..

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  1. I’ve focused on the power of words quite a bit, lately. It’s probably the prerequisite to this idea. It’s amazing how much our lives change when we quit walking around oblivious to our awareness, and we start becoming aware. Excellent post! Xxx

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