Old Photographs.

I have got numerous albums, scrapbook pages and boxes of photo’s dating back many years. I have uncluttered many things over the years so the family won’t need to deal with it. It is now time to deal with the photos.

My initial idea was to get four boxes one for each of my children and place the photos in the appropriate box.

Today I have changed mind . I have decided to keep up with technology, scan the photos and save them on individual USB sticks or onto disc’s.

Spreydon School P1 1955

Above is a photo of my first year at school. Looking at the photo I am the third one from the right in the front row, always tended to tilt my head to the right.  Sadly some of my school mates have passed on.

I did a google search and that’s where I got the bright idea to scan them. It will be a long tedious job for me but there is rush. I could of course go to Office Works and pay to have it all done for me.

The first thing to is sort through the photos and them into chronological order. Some photos will be disposed off and not even scanned.

Sentimental Clutter : Honour Your Past. Don’t Cling To It.

Being a crafty type of woman I am going to do a canvas collage of me with all my different hair styles over the years……what a laugh that be.

I have better get working…….lots of happy memories.


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