Crafty Girls

Last weekend I met up with my daughter who came into the city from out country. We had booked to attend a Scrapbook Papercraft Expo for three days plus have the luxury of staying in a hotel for two nights.

Many talented tutors attend the Expo and run workshops.  My daughter and I had booked for three sessions. I will be able to show you my finished pages.

The benefits of doing craft is rewarding and relaxing.  It can be challenging and also destressing as long as you don’t stress about trying to make a perfect page or card. It gives you the opportunity to learn something new, discover new products,  mix with other papercrafters, share tips and skills with each other.   It’s great for social contact , builds self-esteem and gives you so much pleasure doing things you love.

For the first session we attended was ‘Memory Lane’ with Alicia McNamara.  We created a shabby chic layout using lovely layers from fussy-cut paper, cheesecloth ( I didn’t use that) , and wooden flourishes. Used an ink pad and template to create a background to design a shape for the layers. I needed to supply a landscape photo.  I added my own personal touch to the page.

Memory Lane


The second session was ‘Beautiful Life’ with Gerry von Gent. We created a single page layout. We made embellishments with chipboard that we painted with our desired colour. We learnt techniques, tips and were given helpful advice to personalise our keepsake.  I chose to use a Red Rose that I had downloaded from my pc.

Beautful Life

For the third session my daughter chose to attend a workshop ‘Unicorn Dreams framed panel’ with Sue Smyth.  unfortunately I cannot show you her work because it wasn’t quite finished. I will say it was looking stunning.

I attended ‘Memories with Gerry van Gent. Another single page layout. I needed to provide two vertical photos ….I personalised it with a photo of my son and myself which was taken on his 40th birthday. For embellishments I used layered papers, chipboard designs coloured with an ink pad and then decorated with flowers.

Best Memories

We also did a five-minute class that we didn’t need to book ahead. The pop up class was ‘Boom Gel Pouring on Canvas’  For $6.00 we were given a small canvas frame 17.5cm x 13cm placed on plastic blocks in a tinfoil roasted pan,  a disposable plastic cup and a paddle stick. We could choose 3 – 4 gel paint colours and pour them into the cup in layers and then just pour over the canvas however you wanted to.  I consider myself to be an earthly type of person so I chose basic white , yellow, brown/orange and green. We left our master pieces for more than 24 hours to dry and were amazed to see the results when we collected them the next day……we were quite impressed.


The show also included a Stitches & Craft Show which included sewing, beading, knitting, painting, stamping and much more.

We throughly enjoyed ourselves,  even though we were totally exhausted we had so much fun.

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