If you love something…set it free…


Many years ago I was in a relationship with a lovely man.  Unfortunately the relationship came to an abrupt end due to a family crisis.

For years I had thought about the love and the good times that I had shared with this man. We lost contact and I really had no idea where he was.

29 years later I decided to do a search on Face Book …..I found my friend .  We both agreed to start communicating  again even though we live about  1,773 km apart or maybe even more than that.

The emotional wound that has been festering in my heart all these years  has now been lifted.  It is like a ton of bricks has been lifted off my shoulders.  What a wonderful feeling.

We have been emailing, texting and  phone chatting.  We have both been writing. My friend has published a book and mine is due to be published next week ……. wow !

We might decide to meet in person. Meanwhile we are content with the contact that we have. We have even agreed to critique each others stories.

I am feeling blessed .   God Bless G & A and their renewed  friendship.

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